Remote Services:

Allow me to help bring your projects to life!

Lead and Background Vocals:


  • Neumann U87 Condenser
  • Vanguard Audio Labs V13 Tube Condenser
  • AKG 214 Condenser
  • Audio Technica 4033 Condenser
  • Various handheld mics: SM58, SM57, Audix OM5

Keyboard Tracks:

I have an extensive library of VST Instruments:

  • N.I. Komplete Ultimate
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere
  • Spectrasonics Keyscape
  • Arturia Analog Collection
  • Superior Drummer 3
  • East West Symphonic Orchestra
  • Genuine Soundware VB3 II
  • Ravenscroft 275 Grand Piano Library

 Vintage Gear:

  • 1956 Hammond B3 
  • 1976 Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano

Front End Audio Gear:

  • Universal Audio Apollo Quad Thunderbolt Interface
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Interface
  • Shadow Hills Mono Gamma 500 series Mic Preamp


  • Drum Tracks, Loop and Groove Production, Keyboard Programming

Mixing services:

  • Let me get your demo or recording project sounding the way you need it!

Studio Monitors:

  • Dynaudio BM6A
  • Genelec 1029a